Kyra’s New Comedy Show

I am pursuing a dream.

I love to share my passion for singing, to make audiences laugh, and perform in informal settings where I can most be myself.  I love sharing the brilliance and absurdities of the form, Opera, with people through my education work, and I was wondering how to put this into one cohesive show.

Well, my dream of said show is in the works.  I have invited JessiLinn, a wonderful artist educator who teaches and does Improv whom I have worked with for many years and my current partner at the piano, Claire Hoeffler  to perform with me.  My husband has some experience with real comedians, and comedy show, and he has begun to help write the show.  So far we have had a lot of laughs, but are still in the creation stage.


We are supposed to perform it for paid audiences in two weeks……

It will be fun, but I think it will only be one of many versions that I intend to refine over the next year.

I hope whoever reads this will join me in helping to develop this work by attending any workshop performances we may have of it, and freely give us feedback and suggestions or queeries.

The first one will be held Sunday, may 23rd.  If you are free, and would like to come and be our first audience, let me know! It will happen 2:30 pm.

Be well all, and I promise to finally get on this blog more regularly.

Kyra xo

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